• Reactions
    Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC.
    USD 1,750.00 p.a.
    Since its 1981 inception as a traditional London market reinsurance magazine, Reactions has evolved to meet the fast changing…
  • The Journal of Retirement
    Institutional Investor, Inc. Journals Group
    USD 900.00 p.a.
    The Journal of Retirement is a scholarly thought-leading practitioner journal presenting retirement research by and for financial…
  • eWeekly China
    Ins Communications Pte Ltd
    USD 1,399.00 p.a.
    Normally priced at US$1,500 per subscription, Asia First has an exclusive offer from the publisher.  When you purchase a…
  • MENA Insurance Directory 2015
    Ins Communications Pte Ltd
    USD 480.00 p.a.
    MENA Insurance Directory encapsulates key corporate information on nearly 500 insurance and reinsurance companies across…
  • Insurance Directory of Asia 2015
    Ins Communications Pte Ltd
    USD 430.00 p.a.
    As the Asean region is earmarked to establish the ASEAN Economic Community by year 2015, the strong cooperation and solidarity…


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