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Risk.Net Business

  ISSN: 0952-8776
  Publisher: Incisive Media
  Price: GBP 1,850.00 per year


Risk is the world's leading source of financial risk management news and analysis.
Since its launch in 1987, Risk has grown with the markets. Celebrating its 26th anniversary, Risk continues to be the only publication truly dedicated to all aspects of financial risk management and the global derivatives markets, taking complex material and delivering it in an easily digestible style.
Risk covers the latest developments in risk management, derivatives pricing, derivative trading, banking regulation, law and documentation, exchanges, and clearing and settlement.
In every financial centre throughout the world, the business of risk management is the cornerstone of growth. Such is the power and depth of Risk's reputation that in each of these countries, you will find someone subscribing to Risk and advertisers using Risk to reach them. Risk has subscribers in more than 90 countries, or 44% of all nation states - almost the entire developed and developing world.
From Korea to Kenya, Germany to Greece and the Czech Republic to China, professionals involved in financial risk management and derivatives subscribe to Risk.


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