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  Publisher: HedgeFund Intelligence Ltd
  Price: USD 2,140.00 per year


Hedgefund Intelligence is the largest provider of hedge fund news and data in the world, offering a range of products to the global hedge fund industry, its investors and related companies.   

Our publications include Absolute Return (covering Americas), Absolute UCITS, AsiaHedge, EuroHedge and InvestHedge (covering the investors in hedge funds), which together provide a comprehensive global coverage of hedge funds and their investors, Our databases list search and sort by performance, size, investment terms, vendors employed and many other criteria.  Using the performance reported by funds in our database, HFI produces free hedge fund indices that are the industry’s most important accurate benchmarks.   

InvestHedge will help you understand the motivations and movements of the industry’s investors   Each of our publications is backed by a comprehensive hedge fund database.  HedgeFund Intelligences combines news and data, enabling subscribers to search for individual funds and mangers and track their performance history and relevant news reports from our archives.  Filters and advanced search functions in the database--by fund name, performance, category, manager, asset size, inception dates and many other categories--make it easy to output a variety of information for manager selection, benchmarking and other applications.

Finally, for those who do not know our organisation, we are completely independent with no conflicts of interest.  We do not manage money or advise investors.

Contact Asia First on +852 3575 9718 to discuss your corporate subscription.

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