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Practical Applications

  Publisher: Institutional Investor, Inc. Journals Group
  Price: USD 1,200.00 per year


With the growing amount of literature available in the industry, researchers and portfolio managers face the daunting challenge of prioritizing what they should read. Practical Applications, focusing on portfolio management, takes II Journals research articles a step further. These reports dissect the scholarly research to uncover actionable items that may not be easily extracted from a highly technical article. Practical Applications allows readers to keep up with current thought leadership in institutional investing strategies and enables them to target which articles to explore in further detail.

Experienced financial journalists conduct exclusive interviews with the authors to obtain their views on how practitioners can utilize the research findings. These journalists ask the right questions to get the information you need to gain an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Practical Applications reports consist of:
• An easily digestible overview of the source article
• A concise explanation of who will benefit from this research
• Clear recommendations on how to apply the findings
• Key definitions for an easier understanding
• Brief biographies of the source article authors


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