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Insurance Directory of Asia 2015

  Publisher: Ins Communications Pte Ltd
  Price: USD 430.00 per year


As the Asean region is earmarked to establish the ASEAN Economic Community by year 2015, the strong cooperation and solidarity among the ASEAN countries is the key to achieving the vision of a single and fully integrated global economy. In line with this objective, Asia Insurance Review is launching Asean Insurance Directory that serves as an excellent source of reference to foster an even more cohesive cooperation among members of the insurance fraternity. 

With more than 500 entries in one single volume, the Asean Insurance Directory is now bigger than ever and provides you with updated information of who's who in the Asean Insurance Industry. This invaluable compendium will serve you as a constant companion on the following categories in each Asean country:
  • General, Life and composite insurance companies.
  • Reinsurance companies.
  • Insurance Associations.
  • Insurance -related educational and training institutes.
  • Supervisory authorities.
  • Insurance related firms and companies.
The directory contains country reports, details of supervisory authorities, insurance associations, educational and training institutions, and information on the insurance & reinsurance companies from the Asean market. 

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