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Secondaries Investor

  Publisher: PEI Ltd
  Price: USD 1,999.00 per year

Description: is the dedicated source of insight and intelligence for the world’s secondaries markets across the alternative asset classes including private equity, private real estate, infrastructure and private debt. It is relevant to everyone involved in the buying and selling of private fund interests and asset portfolios, including institutional investors, fund managers and their advisors.

As demand for alternatives has grown over the past decade, secondaries activity has flourished alongside primary markets. Once considered a last resort for distressed sellers, or a stain on the perceived quality of the underlying assets, secondaries are now an accepted portfolio management tool used increasingly by all types of institutional investors and fund managers. tracks the institutions, funds and transactions shaping the secondaries markets within private equity, real estate, infrastructure and private debt. Our online news coverage delivers fresh reporting on the firms, the people, the deals and the data that are driving these communities and also showcases hand-selected, third-party commentary and research from industry thought leaders.


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