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Ming Pao

  Publisher: Media Chinese International Limited
  Price: HKD 1,947.00 per year


"Ming Pao" on May 20, 1959 publication, has been committed to political and economic events in Hong Kong, mainland China and around the world and make a comprehensive report and analysis, objective and impartial. "Ming Pao" colleagues are convinced that the newspaper is a public instrument, is committed to providing the most credible information for readers, this newspaper policy support to win more than four hundred thousand readers, most of them middle class, in education, income level much higher than average, Hong Kong etc. high, which is a lot more professional, management staff, business decision-makers, is a mainstay of society. "Ming Pao" ten consecutive years organized by the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong "Hong Kong News Awards" won several awards, is in Hong Kong won the most awards of Chinese newspapers news; "Ming Pao" won more times since 2001 SOPA awarded the best Chinese newspapers award.

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