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eWeekly China

  Publisher: Ins Communications Pte Ltd
  Price: USD 1,399.00 per year


Normally priced at US$1,500 per subscription, Asia First has an exclusive offer from the publisher.  When you purchase a subscription through Asia First pay US$1,399 for a one year subscription, for up to four members in your company.

eWeekly China - This online weekly service provides you:
  • The most up to date news to give you quick and breezy insights and overview of the Chinese insurance market;
  • A close look at detailed government policies, timely updates on regulatory changes, information on the presence and performance of domestic insurance companies and their foreign counterparts;
  • Topical strategic insurance issues and the ways to explore and enhance your business to yield higher efficiency and profitability;
  • Information on operational & strategic concerns of brokers, insurers, reinsurers and consultants;
  • Comments and opinions from experts on major discussion points affecting the market;


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